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Step 2 — I review your application, and if the info you’ve provided looks promising I will contact you to arrange a free 30-minute discovery session.

Step 3 — We get on the phone for a half hour and assess opportunities for extracting the latent profits buried in your list… discuss potential terms of our revenue sharing deal… and get a general sense of how we gel personally.

Step 4 — I review the various discovery sessions and decide whom I would like to work with. If that’s you, I will contact you and we will proceed with list profit extraction. (This means I write for you on a fully guaranteed, risk-free basis. You pay a percentage on the sales I bring you.)

As I mentioned in my report, I’m looking for visionaries with great products and a fearless attitude that’s compatible with a more edgy writing style.

You must be willing to push the envelope to ramp up your sales if we’re going to work together.

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