Start stockpiling your most profitable customers today!

Are you struggling to find time to market your business successfully?

Wouldn’t it make life easier knowing there was someone to take care of all your day-to-day marketing for you?

Bringing you more customers each month…and allowing you to focus more on running your business.

Sounds ideal doesn’t it?

But advertising agencies are too expensive, and you don’t have the budget right?

And yes you would be right…

If you go for an agency pushing the sort of non-accountable ‘awareness advertising‘ which seems to be infecting so many businesses nowadays.

Because yes, then it will be too expensive…way too expensive.

But Hard8marketing is different. Because I’ll provide your business with 100% accountable results to improve your bottom line.

No clever slogans…

No expensive brochures with lots of pretty pictures – but no direct sales message…

And no expensive ‘state of the art’ websites – doing everything but sell…

No. All you’ll get is a simple sales driven marketing system giving you 100% guaranteed results.

Bringing you a regular stream of customers through your doors every month. And encouraging those customers to buy from you more often.

So why not see how it’ll work for your business?

Apply now for your FREE Personalised Marketing Plan. Simply download and fill out this form, and I’ll personally provide you with detailed advice on creating a successful campaign to start bringing more customers into your business more often.

And, once you receive it, there’s no obligation to go any further – and I promise I won’t pester you with endless follow up emails.

Because, I know if I’ve done my job right, and I’ve explained how easily I can increase your profits, then I imagine you’ll want to hire me as soon as possible anyway…right?

And remember if you chose to work with me, your results are 100% guaranteed. So, if for whatever reason the campaign doesn’t perform as expected, then you don’t pay me a penny for my time.

Sound fair enough?

Then let’s start bringing more customers into your business today.

Click here to apply for your FREE Personalised Marketing Plan. So we can start planning our first successful campaign together.

I’m looking forward to working with you very soon.

All the best.
Phil Roast,
Hard8marketing Limited

P.S. These simple campaigns are a perfect alternative to running a Groupon. Because not only can you bring in more people through your doors – but you also start building your own email list too.

And a healthy email list naturally means stockpiling your own customers – allowing you to build more profitable relationships with them for the future.

P.P.S. If you haven’t done so already – please download your FREE report, “How to stockpile customers & start harvesting profits on demand!” to discover more about how powerfully these campaigns will work for you business. Click here for details.

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