Why are we here?

So why are we here?

Well it’s quite simple really.

We’re here because I’m sick and tired of seeing small businesses make the same mistakes repeatedly with their marketing.

Especially because, I know it’s not their fault.

It’s because we see so much bad advertising everyday, it’s difficult not to think it must be effective…because it’s all we see.

But I can tell you now, it’s not effective – not effective at all!

So I’m making it my mission to help small entrepreneurial companies, consultants, and offline businesses acquire new customers through real results accountable marketing – regardless of the industry they’re in.

So who am I – and how can I help you?

My name’s Phil Roast, and I’m the Founder of Hard8marketing Limited. But, more than that I’m also a Direct Marketing junkie.

You see, for 13 years I worked as an artworker for a top direct marketing agency in London. Working on blue chip accounts, and producing revenue generating direct marketing packs for major banks, global charities, and familiar household goods.

Then about 9 years into this little career (2006) I discovered the wonders of internet marketing – and its obsession with resurrecting the ‘old fashioned’ direct marketing and mail-order strategies.

And I was blown away by the results people were getting…

And I wanted more!

So I signed up for every newsletter and mailing list I could find; From Armand Morin; Daniel Levis; Steve Slaunwhite; and Ted Nicholas, to Dan Kennedy; Jay Abraham; Perry Marshall; and Yanik Silver.

I bought every book, I went to every seminar and I took every course. Learning more and more about the ‘lost art’ of Direct Marketing.

But, I didn’t stop there (because I’m a completest)

So I said to myself, if everything is based on selling…and it is…then I better learn all about selling…and I did. So from the Sandler institute to Brian Tracy, and Frank Bettger to Zig Ziglar I studied it all…

And now I can officially say I’m full!

And with the state of the world’s economy – now, more than ever, consultants, small businesses and entrepreneurs need a tested, more reliable, and guaranteed system for generating profits.

And it runs on the simplest of ideas:

Get more customers…

Get them to buy more…

Get them to stay longer.

If you’re managing to achieve any of these with your marketing then you’re doing ok. But, if not, I’m sure I can help your business.

Core Services Offered:

Direct Response Facebook Ads
Combining the power of direct response ads with the low-cost, high-reach of Facebook, to generate bucket loads of leads for your business!

Email Alchemy
Using Daniel Levis’ system of strategic, high-octane,  story-led email sequences, designed to engage readers, and convert like crazy!

WARNING! This email technique is only for the brave! Suited mainly for Internet Marketers and Personality-led Marketers.

Email Alchemy Lite
Still using Daniel Levis’ system; however, these emails are ‘dialled back a touch‘ to suit a more traditional business.

They still use strategic, story-led sequences, engaging your subscribers, and driving them to respond – But they have none of the…shall we say…more ‘extreme‘ elements.

Case Study Alchemy
A system of extracting more engaging stories from your existing case studies and transforming them into Marketing Gold. Allowing them to be used for multiple media channels.

Direct Response Copywriting
Traditional direct response copy, both long and short, with only one result – more sales!

So, to discover how I can generate more leads for your business and convert them into paying customers, drop me a line at phil@hard8marketing.com

For the no cost of an email today I could start grabbing you paying customers within a week.

Hopefully we’ll get to chat soon.

All the best.
Phil Roast,
Hard8marketing Limited 

P.S. If you haven’t already, please download your free report, “How to stockpile customers & start harvesting profits on demand!“. And you’ll discover the quickest, cheapest, most profitable method around to keep customers coming back into your business. Click here for details.

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