Introducing the Hard8studio

Here’s why you need an experienced team to design your sales material…

You’ve targeted your market…

You’ve refined your message…

Now what?

The right sales environment is the key

Like every top salesman knows, you must choose the right environment when making your pitch.

And, every time you set up a website, landing page, mail-pack, or brochure, you too are making a pitch.

So don’t blow it!

First you must get your message through to the right person – that’s a given.

But once they receive your message, you must also make sure they’re receiving it in the right frame of mind.

And if they aren’t, you only have a few seconds to get them there.

And only carefully crafted artwork, working every word of your copy, encapsulating every emotion from your prospect, will achieve this.

Introducing the Hard8studio

The Hard8studio is collaboration of some of the UK’s top direct response designers, artworkers and web developers.

And we have only one goal in mind – to help you create “one helluva response-pulling marketing piece”.

Whether offline or online we have the experience and expertise to make this happen.

Because we’re doing this for our clients everyday!

And if you’ve had time to look around this website, you know I’m personally well aware of what your marketing must do to pull response – so we’re already on the same page aren’t we?

Because, you know I’d never pressure you into adding lots of expensive ‘whistles-and-bells’ into your marketing message.

All those pointless little gimmicks so many designers are obsessed with…

Desperately trying to show how ‘clever’ they are…

How creative they are…

But, in reality, only muddying the message you’re sending to your customers – and killing your pitch stone dead!

So if you want to produce a lead-sucking, sales generating landing page, advert, website, mail-pack, brochure, or sales-letter, then please do get in touch.

Simply send me an email at and we can discuss your project today.

So thanks for the chat, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

All the best.
Phil Roast,
Hard8marketing Limited

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