Is your website pulling its weight?

Or is it just sitting there gathering digital dust?

Is it more of a liability than the profitable asset it should be?

If it were an employee would you let it get away with just sitting there all day – lazily saying, “Yeah…we’re over here if you need us…but if you don’t that’s fine.

Would you really let it get away with not lifting a finger to bring more customers into your business… 

Not actively trying to sell your products or services…

Basically not working anywhere near as hard as you are!

So why not FIRE it?


OK. Well if you can’t do that, then at least get it to work a lot harder – which is actually a lot easier than you imagine.

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Of course you’ll be under no obligation to take my advice, or employ my services.

However, all I ask is, if you do take my advice and apply the improvements yourself – it’d be great to know I was able to help.

But whatever you decide to do, hopefully we’ll get to chat again very soon.

All the best.
Phil Roast,
Hard8marketing Limited 

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How to unlock
the full potential
of your website

Discover how to stop your website gathering digital dust – and finally start generating profits today

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If you don’t have the time to read the report, or do the work yourself – Simply Click here to apply for your FREE Website MOT.

And I’ll prepare a brief outline of where your website may need improvement

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